Auto Chess is a free mod for Dota 2

People have been making weird and wonderful custom Dota 2 games for years. With so much good stuff coming from outside the dota-sphere, that’s easy to forget – but not when a possible bug convinces the internet you’ve got more players than Grand Theft Auto V. That seems have happened with Dota Auto Chess, a custom game where you pit teams of increasingly powerful wizards against seven opponents. Even with that bug in mind, it’s still throbbing with players – popularity made me notice it, but quality kept me playing. For half a game, at least, until I got crushed by the people who knew what they were doing.

Auto Chess is a free mod for Dota 2 (which, conveniently enough, is also free) that converts the Dota 2 experience into a slightly slower (but no less deep or frantic) strategy experience. The mod's gameplay is actually quite hard to easily summarize, but it essentially removes Dota 2's actions per minute (APM) based gameplay and converts it into a game that combines elements of chess, deck building, and Dota 2. The general idea is to use various resources to outmaneuver your opponents across a chess-like map. Buy dota 2 auto chess candy code from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Dota Auto Chess is not exactly what the name might imply. It’s chess mostly in aesthetic, but the custom mod for Valve’s Dota 2 is better-described as a hybrid of tower defense, poker, and tactics. Like most good custom games, it’s a hodgepodge of various genres that becomes something new in its own right. You don’t need to know what Dota 2 is or how to play it to play Auto Chess, you just need to download it.

The game seems simple at first. Each player in the Auto Chess lobby has an 8×8 tiled board, their play area for the duration of the game. Every round, you gain gold and can purchase units of varying cost and rarity to place on your board to defend your territory and invade others’. These “pieces” are pulled from a limited pool of various Dota heroes, but their proper names aren’t as important as their descriptors.

If all of that explanation was lost on you, don’t worry — let’s focus on why this is being called the fastest growing game in 2019. According to a recent pull of statistics,  Dota Auto Chess is well beyond 100K concurrent users with 710K players subscribed to the custom game on Steam. That would currently have the game outpacing Grand Theft Auto V or Football Manager on today’s. A day ago, Valve added Dota Auto Chess to the official Dota 2 client’s front panel — a big step, considering the last update entirely broke the custom game mode. Both the Dota 2 Twitch streamers and a sizable chunk of players are diving headfirst into the game mode, with no sign of slowing.

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