Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions Gameplay

Ubisoft is thrusting the world of Far Cry into bold new territory, and that goes beyond the new post-apocalyptic setting of Far Cry New Dawn. To extend the longevity of the game, Ubisoft is introducing a leveling system to both enemies and outposts that will make it harder for players to expand from their home base, Prosperity. While Hope County undoubtedly features many challenges waiting to be beaten, it’s within Prosperity that players will find potentially the most exciting new addition to the Far Cry franchise: expeditions.

The Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions can be accessed from one of the eight facilities in Prosperity; the helipad. There, you’ll see a helicopter covered in a tarpaulin. Speak to Roger, the helicopter pilot, and he’ll mention being able to take you on Expeditions. However, you won’t be able to set out until you start upgrading the helipad with Ethanol. If you don’t have enough yet, set out into Hope County and capture a Highwaymen Outpost or two. Each you capture an Outpost, you’ll be rewarded with Ethanol. You should quickly be able to amass enough to upgrade the helipad and get started with Expeditions.

Expeditions are a completely optional activity in Far Cry New Dawn, where you visit an entirely new area outside of Hope County, including areas such as desolate theme parks and infamous Alcatraz Prison. Here you are tasked to retrieve a package of rare loot, and escape the area via Helicopter. Buy Cheap Far Cry ND Credits on with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

Once players reach Prosperity and gain the ability to walk around and head out on quests, the ability to fast travel will be unlocked. However, players are only able to fast travel back to Prosperity, or to any of the 10 outposts in Far Cry New Dawn, assuming the player has liberated them. Fast travel is activated by opening the map in the game’s menu, then selecting an available fast travel option.

The whole game is playable in co-op with friends, and the showpiece addition to New Dawn is definitely created with that in mind. Via a Canadian helicopter pilot who’s taken up residency at Prosperity, you can visit new locations all across post-nuclear America for self-contained Expeditions in unique settings like a beached Floridian aircraft carrier and a dilapidated theme park.

These expeditions are marked with different difficulty levels, and there will be more than the three that are known about, though how many there will be and what they will entail hasn’t yet been revealed. Far Cry New Dawn is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on February 15th. The game’s creative director recently spoke about the twin villains players will encounter on that day and hinted that, like other Far Cry games, players will love to the them.

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